Selected Works

Articles, Chapters, & Reports

  • Administering Money: Coinage, Debt Crises, and the Future of Fiscal Policy (.pdf)

  • Equality, Not Equal Pay: Distributional Justice Beyond Money (.pdf)

  • Banking in a Digital Fiat Currency Regime (.pdf)

  • Monetary Resilience (.pdf)

  • Money Isn't Scarce, It's Infinite (.pdf)

  • What is Money? (.pdf)

  • Who Owns the Intellectual Fruits of Job Guarantee Labor (.pdf)

  • The Macroeconomic Implications of Digital Fiat Currency (.pdf)

  • Op-Eds & Interviews

  • We Can Afford To Beat This Crisis (.pdf)

  • Facebook Wants Its Own Currency. That Should Scare Us All (.pdf)

  • Money & Property (.pdf)

  • An MMT Response on What Causes Inflation (.pdf)

  • The Future of Digital Fiat Currency (.pdf)

  • The Job Guarante vs. Universal Basic Income: A Debate (.pdf)

  • Free Culture? Free Finance (.pdf)

  • The Cost of Justice: Law Students Need Macroeconomics, and Macroeconomics Needs Us (.pdf)